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Inconel 600 is a nickel-chromium alloy known for its exceptional heat and corrosion resistance properties. It comprises nickel, chromium, and iron, with small amounts of other elements. Inconel 600 exhibits excellent resistance to oxidation, scaling, and corrosion in high-temperature environments, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It maintains its mechanical properties even at elevated temperatures and offers excellent resistance to corrosive environments, including acids, alkalis, and seawater. Inconel 600 is commonly used in aerospace, chemical processing, heat treatment, and other industries where high-temperature performance and corrosion resistance are crucial.

Benefits of Inconel 600 Sheet

  1. High-Temperature Performance: Inconel 600 plate maintains excellent mechanical properties and strength even at elevated temperatures, making it suitable for high-temperature applications.
  2. Oxidation and Creep Resistance: ASME SB 168 UNS N06600 Strips resist oxidation and creep deformation at high temperatures, ensuring durability and reliability in demanding conditions.
  3. Easy Fabrication: The Inconel 600 strip is easy to fabricate, allowing for convenient shaping, cutting, and welding to meet specific project requirements.

Key Features of Inconel 600 Sheet / Plate

  • Excellent Heat Resistance: Alloy 600 Plate exhibits exceptional resistance to high temperatures, making it suitable for applications in extreme heat environments.
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance: Our ASTM B168 UNS N06600 Sheet is highly resistant to corrosion, including oxidation, scaling, and aqueous corrosion, providing long-lasting performance.
  • Versatile Applications: Inconel 600 sheet finds applications in various industries, including aerospace, chemical processing, heat treatment, and more, due to its unique properties.

Inconel 600 Sheets and Plates Specification

Specifications : ASTM B168 / ASME SB168

Width : 1000mm, 1219mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm, etc

Length : 2000mm, 2440mm, 3000mm, 5800mm, 6000mm, etc

Thickness : 0.3 mm to 120 mm

Hardness : Soft, Hard, Half Hard, Quarter Hard, Spring Hard etc.

Finish : Hot rolled plate (HR), Cold rolled sheet (CR), 2B, 2D, BA NO(8), SATIN (Met with Plastic Coated)

Form : Plain Sheet, Shim Sheet, Strip, Flats, Blank (Circle), Ring (Flange)

Available Types of Inconel 600 Sheets & Plates


Inconel 600 Plates
Alloy 600 Plate
UNS N06600 Plates
2.4816 Plates
JIS NCF 600 Plates
Inconel 600 Shim Plates
ASTM B168 Inconel 600 Plates
Inconel 600 HR Plate
Inconel® Alloy 600 CR Plates
ASME SB 168 Nickel Alloy 600 Plate


Inconel 600 Sheets
Alloy 600 Sheet
UNS N06600 Sheets
2.4816 Sheets
JIS NCF 600 Sheets
Inconel 600 Shim Sheet
ASTM B168 Inconel 600 Sheets
Inconel 600 HR Sheete
Inconel® Alloy 600 CR Sheets
ASME SB 168 Nickel Alloy 600 Sheet

Inconel 600 Sheets & Plates Equivalent Grades

Grade C Mn Si S Cu Fe Ni Cr
Alloy 600 0.15 max 1.00 max 0.50 max 0.015 max 0.50 max 6.00 – 10.00 72.00 min 14.00 – 17.00

Inconel Alloy 600 Sheets & Plates Chemical Composition

Grade C Mn Si S Cu Fe Ni Cr
Alloy 600 0.15 max 1.00 max 0.50 max 0.015 max 0.50 max 6.00 – 10.00 72.00 min 14.00 – 17.00

Inconel 600 Sheets & Plates Mechanical Properties

Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strengt Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Alloy 600 8.47 g/cm3 1413 °C (2580 °F) Psi – 95,000 , MPa – 655 Psi – 45,000 , MPa – 310 40 %


Q1. Where is your factory ?

A1: Our company’s processing center is located in Jiangsu, Wuxi, China.
Which is well equipped with kinds of machines, such as laser cutting machine,mirror polishing machine and so on.
We can provide a wide range of personalized services according to the customers’ needs.

Q2. What are your company’s main products ?
A2: Our main products are stainless steel plate/sheet, coil, round/square pipe, bar, channel, etc.

Q3. How do you control quality ?
A3: Mill Test Certification is supplied with shipment, Third Party Inspection is available.

Q4. What are the advantages of your company ?
A4: We have many professionals, technical personnel, more competitive prices and best after-dales service than other stainless steel companies.

Q5. How many coutries you already exported ?
A5: Exported to more than 50 countries mainly from America, Russia, UK, Kuwait, Egypt,Turkey, Jordan, India, etc.

Q6. Can you provide sample ?
A6: Small samples in store and can provide the samples for free.
Customized samples will take about 5-7days.